Creating an Email Signature

Creating an Email Signature

Outlook Website

  • Creating a signature at is a little tricky because copying and pasting signatures from other sites results in pictures not showing up. The way around this is to copy and paste someone’s signature from the Outlook website.
  • Go to your Mail tab and select an email with a signature at the bottom. Copy the signature.


  • Click the Settings button (shown below) in the top right corner of the webpage.


  • In the Search bar under Settings, type in “signature” and select Email signature.


  • You should be redirected to this screen where you can create your email signature in the space provided. Paste the signature in the text box and edit the information inside to make it your signature.


  • What to change:
      1. Name
      2. Job
      3. Phone numbers (main and direct)
  • You have finished creating your signature. There are additional options for when to include your signature in an email, and you can choose to check or uncheck the boxes based on personal preference.






Outlook App

  • Open the Outlook App and open an email with a Motor Werks signature at the bottom.
  • Copy the signature or download the signature from the template attached to the article.


  • Create a New Email found in the top left corner of the window.


  • Under the Message tab (opened by default) you should see an option called Signature in the middle of the toolbar. Click on Signature. Then click on Signatures…


  • This will bring you to a new pop-up window. This window shows all your signatures, their contents, and which email account to attach them to. Click New to create a new signature. Type in the name of your signature and press OK.


  • It will now show your newly named signature with an empty body at the bottom. This is where you create your signature. You can either create a new one from scratch, use a template, or copy and paste someone else’s signature, then replace their information with yours. Choose one of these options and create your signature. Click OK once you are done.


  • You have now successfully created a signature. There are additional options for when to use the signature and which account it is linked to. These options are all based on personal preference.






Outlook Phone App

  • Open the app and open an email that contains a Motor Werks signature. Copy the signature or download the signature template attached to this article.


  • Go to your main menu (click on the icon with your picture or initials).


  • Click on the Settings button in the bottom left corner (looks like the one below).


  • Go to the Mail section and select Signature.


  • Paste your signature in the space provided and replace the information inside with your own. This includes changing the name, job, and phone number(s).
    • It might show up with white lines when you first paste the signature, but they will go away after you press the Back (<) button.


  • Your signature should now be saved for your mobile device.



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