InteractiveTel Mobile Device Setup

InteractiveTel Setup

For Mobile Devices

  • Download InteractiveTel from the App Store.


  • Login with your username and password. Click Sign In.
    • Your username will be your extension@MotorWerks. For example, if your extension is 1234, then your username would be 1234@MotorWerks.
    • Your password is the same password you use to login to the InteractiveTel website.


If you do not remember your password, please see this article on how to reset your password:


  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions.


  • Once logged in your screen should look like the one below.


  • You have successfully logged into InteractiveTel on your mobile device.


  • Notable Features:
    • Keypad – Make calls from your phone by entering in the 10-digit number or 4-digit extension
    • Contacts – Address Book shows all your personal contacts that you either imported or added, while PBX shows your contacts through the Motor Werks Directory with their extensions
    • Messages – Shows all messages and conversations
    • History – Recent calls, missed calls, and recordings
    • PBX – Shows all Motor Werks contacts through the InteractiveTel Contacts directory.
    • Settings – Account setup and preferences


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