How To Use Phish Alert Report

How To Use Phish Alert Report


Outlook App

  • Open Outlook and open the email you suspect of being a phishing attack.
    • Phishing is a type of email social engineering attack often used to steal user data, such as passwords and credit card numbers or personal data. It occurs when an attacker pretends to be a trusted source via email to dupe a victim into revealing personal or sensitive information.


  • Click on the "Home" menu


  • Look for the Phish Alert Report button in the top right corner of the Outlook ribbon (see image below).  Click on Phish Alert Report.



  • You will see a window reviewing the subject and sender of the email. Click the Phish Alert button at the bottom of the window.


    • If this is a legitimate phishing email, a ticket will be submitted to automatically, with the email as an attachment.
      • You will receive a response back from our helpdesk when the ticket has been received.


    • If this is a test email, you will receive a response congratulating you on successfully identifying a phishing email from a test, and the success  will be reflected on your user account.




Web Mail

  • Go to and sign in with your Motor Werks email
  • Open up the email you suspect of being a phishing attack


  • Press the 3 dots in the top right corner and click on Phish Alert v2


  • Click on Phish Alert and you should see a pop-up that confirms you have successfully reported the email






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