Change Computer Login Password

Change Computer Login Password

For Windows 10

Changing your computer’s login password will also change your password for MotorWerksEmployee Wi-Fi and your Motor Werks email. They will always be the same passed you use to login to your computer.

  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and click on Change a Password.


  • Enter in your old password and new password, then type in your new password again to confirm it.

Your new password should be 10 characters or longer, have at least one upper case, one lowercase, one number, and one special character. Your new password also cannot be one that you have used before and cannot contain your first or last name.


If your account is locked, you can either contact IT for help or it should be unlocked after a certain amount of time. To contact IT, dial extension 9000 or ask a colleague to email on your behalf.

  • Once you are finished entering and confirming your new password, log in again with your new password.
  • You have successfully changed your password. Remember, your MotorWerksEmployee Wi-Fi password and Motor Werks email password will be the same as your most up-to-date computer login password.



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