MotorWerksEmployee Wi-Fi - Windows Computer

Accessing Employee Wi-Fi

For Windows 10 Computer

  • Locate the Wi-FI symbol on the task bar(lower right hand side of desktop). Click on the icon to open the available networks to choose from.


  • Locate the Wi-Fi network named MotorWerksEmployee and click on it. Next, check the box next to Connect automatically and then click Connect.

  • Enter the password for MotorWerksEmployee. Once the password has been entered, click Next

Please contact the Motor Werks IT Department to receive the password (email or add a ticket in the portal at 


  • The system will prompt whether you would like your PC to be discover-able. Choose Yes for this question.


  • A web page will appear asking for your Username and Password.
    • Your Username is the first part of your Motor Werks email address 
      • Example: John Doe’s Email: Username=jdoe
    • Your password is the same password you use to log onto your computer.
  • After entering all your credentials, click Sign In to connect to the Wi-Fi.

  • You are now connected to the Motor Werks Employee Wi-Fi.



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