Vehicle Key Tracking System Policy

Vehicle Key Tracking System Policy

The Motor Werks Vehicle Key Tracking System, a.k.a. KeyPer System, is an integral part of the everyday functions for service, sales and inventory. In order to make sure that our customer and internal inventory is as secure as possible, we have implemented a policy for system usage. This policy is designed to ensure each authorized user is using the system in an appropriate manner as well as to hold them accountable for the keys, fobs and remotes that they check-out/check-in as well as any other parts and/or processes involved in the normal systems use.  

  • User accounts are confidential. Please do not share your user account with other users or vendors. Any violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action up to termination and/or removal from the system. For vendors this would be considered a breach of contract and transfer ALL liability to the said vendor.
  • You are responsible for all keys, remotes and fobs checked-out under your name. Do not check-out keys for other users or people. If they misplace, damage, lose or theft occurs, you will be responsible for those items. Costs of replacing a lost/stolen/damaged key/remote are itemized below;
    • $50 admin fee to replace key or remote
    • Cost of key from manufacturer + 10% (employee cost)
    • $9/fob
  • Tampering with the KeyPer boxes in any manner will not be tolerated. There are sensitive electronics inside the doors, on the panels and in the touchscreen. DO NOT UNPLUG the KeyPer box unless specifically told to do so by IT personnel!! This can cause issues with the electronics and the computer managing the system. Prying keys out, forcing doors open, unplugging the computer or using the system in any way other than its designed use, will result in disciplinary action up to termination and accountability of the repair costs incurred. For vendors this would be considered a breach of contract and transfer ALL liability to the said vendor and would result in immediate terminated access to the KeyPer System and potential contract termination. Please use the system as designed in order to ensure there are no unnecessary problems. 
  • Web based access is available for users who need to create new tags and stickers for the vehicle inventory. Printers and Fob Readers will be provided to these users. Web access will be provided on a per user basis and only to users that need access to perform these job duties or management duties.
  • ALL keys and remotes will be checked-into the Vehicle Key Tracking System. In order to hold personnel accountable and track the locations of keys, ALL keys need to be checked-in and checked-out by each user when there is a change in the process workflow. This will allow us to audit which user is responsible for keys and which KeyPer box it is located in. If keys are found in toolboxes, on desks, in drawers or other unsecured locations, disciplinary actions will be pursued. This secures our customers and internal inventory. Please make sure keys are secure at all times.
  • Lock vehicles when parking on the lots. There have been many occurrences of vehicles being unlocked when parked in the lot. If you are the last one to move a car and do not lock that vehicle, you will be responsible for any potential theft or damage that occurs until that vehicle is secured properly. Please make sure you are closing all windows and doors as well as locking each vehicle when parking outside of the shop.
  • Key allotments will be determined by each job role. The following are the current allotment amounts to each role. Any allotment above these amounts will require a support ticket and explanation of the needs before extra key allotments will be provided.
    • Advisers:10
    • Sales: 10
    • Lot Management: 40
    • Porters: 40
    • Technicians: 10
    • Finance:10
    • Vendors: (depending on defined needs)
  • Please keep track of your Key Fobs and remove them from the system inventory once they no longer in use. This helps us see how many fobs are in the system and available. If you lose the fobs, it limits the amount of inventory we can put in the system. We have a limited amount of replacements and the cost is $9/fob with a minimum of 100 per purchase. Please do not hide these or store them where other users cannot get to them. Either turn them in to the Service Managers or Lot Management to ensure there are adequate fobs for use on a regular basis. If either party is unavailable, please return the fobs to the IT department. We will be putting a process into place to track/audit fobs per department. This will ensure that we are billing the appropriate accounts for replacement devices.
  • ALL Key Tracker support requests need to go through Do not call KeyPer systems or Secure Solutions. We have setup a process so that there are only several approved personnel allowed to call in support requests to KeyPer Systems or Secure Solutions. Please follow the Motor Werks Support process for any issues/needs you have with the KeyPer System.

We know this is a lot of information to process and adhere to. This policy is in place to ensure that everyone is held responsible for their actions when handling vehicle inventory, and to make sure our customers receive the best experience possible. If there are any issues or questions, please contact



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