Motor Werks Mobile Device Email Configuration - Android

Mobile Device Email Configuration

For Android Phones

There are a few ways to get your email on the phone. We recommend using the outlook app because the email app will make you change your phone’s 6-digit passcode after creation and will make you change it every 6 months. ADDING YOUR MOTOR WERKS ACCOUNT INTO THE MAIL APP WILL FORCE YOU TO CHANGE YOUR PASSCODE.

Outlook App Configuration (Recommended):

  • Download the Outlook app from the Google Play Store by searching for “outlook”. Once it has finished installing, open it.


If you already have the app, open it, and click on the logo that looks like the one below. Then click Add Email Account.


  • After opening the app, it will ask you to either add an account or create an account. Click Add Account, then press Continue.


  • Enter your email address into the field provided, then press Continue.


  • Enter in your password for your Motor Werks email (Same password you use to login to your computer). Click Sign in.


  • When asked to add another account, click on Maybe Later.


  • Congratulations, you are now signed into your Motor Werks email on your mobile device.



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