Printer Toner Requests

Printer Toner Requests

All Toner requests need to be submitted to the helpdesk prior to 4PM Mon-Th for all locations. This will allow us to schedule for the toner delivery the next morning or as soon as possible (if earlier in the day and location dependent).

 Please note ALL printers we use display a low toner warning light or message on their screens. This is when you should be submitting your request for more toner!! Depending on the printer model and type, this usually means you have about 10%-20% toner left. This should be more than ample time to submit a ticket for more toner before you run out (typically this is several hundred pages or more).

 Requesting toner at this point, allows us to proactively fill your toner needs and avoids printer issues during times when IT is not available.

 When ordering toner we need the printer name, model and the toner type (name should be on a label on the front of the printer). If you submit the ticket for toner, you will generally have it within 24 hours.

 This is the only process for acquiring toner. Do not order your own toner, bring in toner from an outside party, purchase your own printer or take toner from one of our storage closets.

 For label printers and ribbons, the same guidelines apply except these do not show a warning light on low ribbon or labels. Please make sure you are checking on the status of these items on a regular basis so we can get you the supplies in a timely manner.



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